Non-Citizen Voters Move One Step Closer to Detection

June 25, 2019 (Raleigh) Senate Bill 250, called “Records of Excusals for Jury Duty,” would require Clerks of Courts to share certain jury-disqualification and jury-excusal information with election officials, but first must face a House Judiciary Committee hearing tomorrow morning in Room 544 of the Legislative Office Building.

Senator Joyce Krawiec

“People get disqualified from jury duty for several reasons that have a direct impact on their lawful voter status,” said Jay DeLancy, Founder of Voter Integrity Project, “these reasons include a potential juror no longer living in the county, dying, becoming a felon, and not being a US citizen, but the courts have never been willing to share that information with election officials.”

Far from triggering any sort of “automatic” removal of people from the voter rolls, the bill would provide the information to election officials who would then need to contact the voter in order to determine their status. It gives them evidence, but not proof, that somebody may not be eligible to vote.

“A key to this bill is for any information transmitted to election officials to remain public information,” DeLancy said, “so election officials will know that people outside of their control are watching.”

North Carolina’s State Board of Elections is already being sued for “hiding records detailing their reported efforts to identify and remove noncitizens registered to vote,” according to the plaintiff, the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

The Judiciary Committee meeting to review SB250 will be June 26 at 10:00 A.M. in the Legislative Office Building, Room 544. The meeting can be heard live by clicking this link and looking for  “544LOB” on the audio players.

Rep George Cleveland

“We’re told that Committee Chairman, Ted Davis, normally allows public comment, so we urge our Wake-area supporters to come to show their support,” DeLancy said. “With more than a million missing or inactive voters listed on our voter rolls, this bill offers a measured approach to helping election officials avoid costly litigation by maintaining accurate records.”

Primary Sponsors for SB 250 are Senators Joyce Krawiec (R-Davie & Forsyth), Norman Sanderson (R-Carteret, Craven & Pamlico), and Jim Burgin (R-Lee).

“The unsung heroes of this bill are Senator Joyce Krawiec for her leadership and Rep George Cleveland for tirelessly pushing this issue in 2013, in 2015 and in 2017,” DeLancy said. “Until now, the Senate always caved to outside pressure and let it die, but this time, Senator Krawiec drove it all the way through the Senate and final passage looks possible!”

The bill was renamed and ultimately passed. It was then vetoed by Gov Cooper.

Please click here to see who is on the House Judiciary Committee.

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