Vote Fraud Finally Allowed a Seat at the Table!

Kim_StrachThe news wonks call this an “evergreen story,” that might be replayed just before November’s elections, but two local Sinclair Broadcast Group stations aired a show in early July about North Carolina’s voter ID law that had three segments, lasting 7 minutes each. First, was Kim Strach, Executive Director of NC State BOE; second was Bob Hall, Director of Democracy NC; and third was yours truly, Jay DeLancy of Voter Integrity Project!

[To see the actual program please read the note at the bottom of this page.]

Community Matters

My ego aside, the reason this was a momentous event was that it marked the date the media are finally beginning to realize that election integrity concerns are equally valid to those more worried about increasing voter turnout.

In the past, Mr. Hall would be cast as “non-partisan,” and presented as the only non-politician voice allowed in media stories on election law. This was not in the best public interest, but the media was not to blame. They had nowhere else to go.Bob Hall (2)

In those days, fear of being called ugly names silenced people who favored any laws (like voter ID) that would increase the integrity of elections. The Left had successfully branded the idea of vote fraud as (yet) another “dog whistle” that arouses the shameful Jim Crow era from North Carolina’s past. Setting aside the fact that Jim Crow and the KKK worked together to advance the Democrat party, Republicans were regularly branded as racist for mentioning “vote fraud” as a valid reason for passing voter ID laws.

Tillis steps in itPaying careful attention to his US Senate campaign’s political advisers and pollsters, (then) NC House Speaker even messed his pants when talking about his chamber’s voter ID law in a PBS interview. Okay…he we have no way of knowing what happened below the camera image, but Tillis told MSNBC, “There is some voter fraud, but that’s not the primary reason for doing this.”

[Click here or the image to the left in order to watch (then) Speaker Tillis concede the central point of voter ID laws in order to curry favor from the most radical element of American broadcast media, MSNBC.]

Bottom Line: Politicians cannot be relied upon to carry the election integrity message. Others need to speak vocally and locally on this issue and do it in front of all politicians in media and at political gatherings. That way, when the poll-chasing opportunists get skeered, they won’t get quite so wobbly. Keep
demanding honest elections and laugh in the face of people who claim there is no vote fraud. They’re on the losing side, but they win every time if nobody speaks against them.

~ Jay

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