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First, we have the Legislative Request for Information (RFI) sent from Rep Chris Millis to NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s office, dated Feb 22, 2017.  Millis Orig Ltrs Feb 22 2017

This is the placeholder for anything Rep Millis decides to share for the sake of this website.

Then, after analyzing the expansive tranche, Rep millis wrote a March 27 9-page letter to the Secretary’s office, memorializing their findings after their analysis of the tranche her office had given in response to his RFI. 032717_Ltr_to_Marshall

Finally realizing the gravity of the situation, on April 10th, Marshall simply issued a letter in response that ignored the March 27 letter and kicked off her lying campaign against the entire situation. Marshall Response to Millis

Email communications between Marshall’s internal staff and various Eastern District US Attorney employees investigating the matter from a federal perspective.