Beating the Spiral of Silence

“The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe”

– Proverbs 29:25


Sep 29, 2021 (Sanford, NC) Today’s podcast addresses what’s behind the newest RINO-Democrat ploy of lying about the numbers of people who are

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concerned about public accountability of election officials, starting with an audit of the 2020 elections.

Truth is, the Wizards of Smart have been applying principles from the Theory of the Spiral of Silence in an attempt to make the pro-audit forces feel as if they are in the minority and that “nobody is calling us about this issue.”

This episode shows the origins of Spiral along with the details of how and why it is so effective. But then, rather than have you throw up your arms in despair, we use to the examples from the Stonewall Riots to the Woolworth Lunch Counter to prove that ALL social change comes through the courage of people who are willing to buck the prevailing societal trends for a greater cause.

Below are some links referenced in the video:

Theory of the Spiral of Silence explained in academic terms.

The disturbing but humorous elevator conformity video from the old Candid Camera days.

A simplified explanation of how Solomon Asch proved the power of peer pressure, even when it comes to laughably wrong ideas.

A brief Wikipedia explanation of “vocal minority” and “hardcore nonconformity” and how they’re the key to conquering the effects of the Spiral of Silence.

We applied Spiral of Silence to interpret incidents in 2016 of stolen Trump yard signs and in 2020 of the pressure against expressing support for reelecting President Trump.

We close with a mention of the Zogby polling question in both 2016 and 2020 that clearly predicted America’s swing toward a Trump presidency. In particular, Zogby asked some variation of a “good Spiral question” when his pollsters asked, “regardless of your own preferences in the election, who do you think is going to win.” Asking questions in that vein are what made the creator of the Theory of Spiral of Silence, the late Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, into one of the most accurate pollsters in Germany.

As soon as I heard that survey result announced in 2016, one friend recently reminded me that I had then “guaranteed” that Trump would win. In 2020, I saw the same question, but qualified my answer:

“Trump will easily win, unless fraud makes him lose.”

The key takeaway of this podcast is to avoid giving up the fight for election integrity by realizing the tools the bad guys are using in order to discourage you. In a word, fear. Don’t let fear of isolation stop you from insisting on greater electoral transparency.