Dowless Convicted for Under Reporting Income to Social Security

McCrae Dowless, after exiting the US Courthouse in Greenville, NC, today.

Sept 2, 2021 (Greenville) Despite the appearance of prosecutoral misconduct, Federal District Judge Terrance Boyle, today, accepted a guilty plea arrangement and sentenced Leslie “McCrae” Dowless to 6 months in prison for voter fraud over his failure to report cash payments to Social Security he said he could prove was passed along as legitimate expenses for managing the local campaign efforts of the elected Congressman Mark Harris.

This conviction has noting to do with allegations of voter fraud surrounding the 2018 election, which Harris won but was forced to abandon after making verbal missteps, leading to threatened perjury charges, unless he resigned his elected office and requested a new election.

Today’s proceeding came less than a week after Dowless was air transported to a Wilmington hospital, was treated for a stroke, and postponed his original court date.

Pushing ahead with the popular false narrative about Dowless’ case, Charlotte NBC-affiliate television station, WCNC, wrote on Sep 23 that he would be sentenced “for 9th District voting scandal,” adding an incorrect trial date, which was originally set for Wednesday, Sep 25.

The apparent DOJ prosecutoral misconduct in the case first surfaced when the initial indictment, filed by Special Assistant US Attorney Tamika Moses, who never bothered to have the indictment legally served. Instead, Moses’ directed staff to post a press release on the North Carolina Eastern District US Attorney’s webpage, which then sent copies of the indictment to certain reporters.

When confronted by Voter Integrity Project’s Jay DeLancy, the surprised SAUSA Moses refused to explain her irregular behavior and suggested he contact a DOJ Public Information Officer with our questions about procedures.

“Rather than allowing a lowly PIO to slow roll this story, we sent my query directly to the US Attorney,” DeLancy said. “Shortly after Dowless pleaded not guilty, Moses resigned her government job.”

In an ending almost as bazaar as the case’s beginning, Dowless had rejected an earlier plea agreement because of the amount of evidence he was able to collect, suggesting the bulk of his alleged $135,000 income was actually legitimate expenses from his position as Bladen County campaign manager for the Harris case.

Instead of pursuing the original sentencing threats of up to 15 years, DOJ prosecutors settled for a six-month active sentence. The sentencing guidelines had been reduced to “zero-to-six months.”

After being fingerprinted today, he told supporters, who had driven to Greenville, that he had also been ordered to conduct some medical follow-up activities, which will be a factor in the type of facility he will serve his sentence.

Judge Boyle mentioned sending Dowless to a prison “like Butner,” but his lawyer later clarified that the location question was still unresolved.

He was ordered to begin his sentence no later than December 1