Stay on the offense!

Sept 28, 2021 (Sanford, NC) The biggest limitation of our current podcast production deadlines involves show prep and I sincerely regret not having taken the time to read from the full bio of Pennsylvania State Senator, Doug Mastriano, but fortunately we can help mitigate that mistake right up-front.This took one for the team in going up against the Democrats and RINOs (but I repeat myself) who are in charge of Pennsylvania’s state of affairs.

Today’s video podcast covers the battle Senator Mastriano has fought against the election cartel in the Keystone State. His plight, no doubt, serves as a cautionary tale to any lawmakers in 49 other states who had a hankering to “look inside the black boxes” and audit their state’s electoral process. He used his Chairmanship of the of their Senate Intergovernmental Committee to start digging up evidence, so Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, who identifies as “Republican,” swiftly stripped away Mastriano’s Chairmanship.

Bad RINO move, but it’s the only weapon his party’s leadership had. His focus on the mission of America’s survival was a threat to his own party’s “leadership,” under a Democrat governor. Sound familiar, North Carolina?

Warning up front. This podcast takes more than its fair share in chasing rabbits, but it covers these key takeaways:

  1. Mastriano is a genuine patriot who was in position to ask the right questions and to expect answers.
  2. Instead of answers, Pennsylvania’s Deep State responded in two key ways. First, a “Democrat” punished the county election office that cooperated with his investigation. At the same time, her actions warned any other Directors who might want to cooperate with his investigation. Then, the “Republican” Senate leadership punished Mastriano. At the same time, the Senate leader, Jake Corman, took swift actions to warn any other Republicans in Pennsylvania–and across America–that such insubordination will not be tolerated.
  3. Far from killing Mastriano, Corman’s actions exposed himself to his voters. Just as in NC, their leadership appears tone deaf on the existential issue of our time, but they don’t seem to care. The key for them is to stall the clock out past September 3, 2022, when election officials can destroy the evidence of their actions and avoid all detection of any “mistakes” that may have undermined our elections.. and their jobs.
  4. The podcast closes with a brief discussion of the findings Sen Mastriano highlighted from the Arizona audit and why they are not all that different from the mischief that happens in NC.
  5. Sadly, proving that not all of those numbers point to fraud, VIP’s Jay DeLancy admits that back in a 1992 primary, he accidentally committed one of the illegal voting acts that was identified in Arizona, so he knows it happens here too. The question involves how much of such action appears to be individual stupidity (as in Jay’s case) or actual organized crime.

Only a full forensic audit will tell!

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