Suspicions Arise Over Voter Participation Center

Oct 8, 2018 (Raleigh) – Long-time friend of election integrity, A.P. Dillon (also called Lady Liberty) posted a report that summed up our problems with a Soros-backed organization that is mailing out unsolicited absentee ballot request forms to persons who match their desired demographics.

On the surface, it all looks like good, honest work, but there can be problems when the request is in the name of a Phantom Voter at your residence.

If you know anybody who received one, we are very interested in getting samples of their mailings. There is something we want to check that will determine whether or not they have cleaned up their act.

With her permission, here is AP’s excellent report:Soros Funded Group Sending Absentee Ballot Apps to NC Voters

A George Soros funded group with a very sketchy history of voter-related mailings is behind absentee ballot applications being sent to North Carolina Voters.

According to an article at ABC 11, a Washington D.C. based non-profit called Center for Voter Information is sending North Carolina voters pre-printed absentee ballot applications with paid return postage envelopes.

The group claims to be “non-partisan” but ABC 11 cites Gary Sims, director of the Wake County Board of Elections practically laughing at that claim.

“Non-partisan, I’ve never met so many non-partisan groups out there in my entire life,” said Sims. “But if somebody’s just trying to encourage people to register to vote or engage in the election process, I can never have a fault with anybody doing that.”

The ABC 11 piece doesn’t dig much beyond the name of this group, but they were my radar in the past.

Does anyone remember the sketchy voter registration drive in Virginia in 2012 led by the “Voter Participation Center?

In 2012, Bryan Preston of PJ Media reported on the very sketchy voter registration mailers sent out by the Voter Participation Center (VPC). Preston reported that VPC had sent out voter registration application mailers with pre-printed, pre-paid return envelopes where the return address matched the Virginia Board of Election but had an entirely wrong zip code. With the zip code being so off, where would these forms with the very personal information of potentially thousands of Virginia Voters end up?

A Front Group of A Front Group of A Front Group

First of all the Center for Voter Information (CVI) is a shell website set up by the Voter Participation Center.

One can see the “Voter Participation Center” logo on the left-hand side of the banner below. On the right text that reads “StoryMap by DemLabs LLC.”

enter for Voting Info Banner

VPC is another shell organization set up by Women’s Voices, Women Vote and their affiliated Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund.  Let’s call these two Women’s Voices for the sake of brevity

Both CVI, VPC and Women’s Voices share the same address of 1707 L Street, NW Suite 300 Washington, D.C., 20036.

DemLabs LLC – A Soros Project

The “StoryMap” provided in the CVI’s website was created by “Dem Labs LLC.”

The Advocacy Fund, which was renamed to Tides Advocacy and is a 501(c)4.

Tides Advocacy supplies a large chunk of ‘operating funds’  for DemLabs LLC, which not surprising since according to their website, “DemLabs LLC is a project of Tides Advocacy.”

DemLabs CEO is Deepak Puri and ” He serves on the board of the Tides Foundation.”

Co-Founder Donnie Fowler “has a perfect 3-0 record leading battleground states for Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.”

Meanwhile, Co-founder Shareen Punian “is co-founder of http://GenderEquityNow.org and is on the board of The Advocacy Fund (Tides).”

Fun fact: The Advocacy Fund provided the main money for the Democrat’s ‘resistance’ group, Indivisible.

According to Tide Advocacy’s 2016 audited financials, the fund is tied to all Soros’ other Tides organizations. The last IRS 990 filed for Tides Advocacy was 2105 showed net revenues of $9,562,045.

More Partisanship – About ‘Women’s Voices’

In just 2015 alone, Women’s Voices received $548,086 and $47,000 of that was specifically earmarked for “non-partisan” get out the vote efforts.

In 2016 gross receipts for Women’s Voices totaled $14,347,155.

Board Members for Women’s Voices include Jill Alper, a former member of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and the former DNC political director.

President of Women’s Voices is Page Gardner. Under her leadership, Women’s Voices made robocalls during the 2016 election that even NPR slammed as sketchy. SWomen’s Voices was also fined $100,000 in 2008 for misleading robocalls in NC.

According to their 2014 IRS filings, Women’s Voices gave the “NC League of Conservative Voters” $78,220″ for “Voter registration program-movers.”

The “NC League of Conservative Voters” is actually the NC League of Conservation Voters, which is a state level offshoot of the Leftist League of Conservation Voters.

More About the Voter Participation Center

Here’s what Influence Watch has to say about the Voter Participation Center; emphasis added is mine:

The Voter Participation Center was founded in 2003 as “Women’s Voices Women Vote,”[1] which in 2011 changed its name and expanded its mission to become the Voter Participation Center.[2] The group initially focused on registering the strongly Democratic-leaning voting bloc of single women to vote; today, the group organizes registration of numerous Democratic-leaning voting populations.

The Voter Participation Center runs a direct-mail program[3]  that targets “unmarried women, minorities and millennials” with voter registration mailings and phone calls.[4][5]

Since 2004, the Voter Participation Center claims to have “signed up 2.7 million voters.”[6]However, the group’s efforts have been criticized for being imprecise,[7]  misleading,[8] ineffective,[9] and potentially illegal.[10]Moreover, the group’s ties to the Clinton family and the liberal agitation group MoveOn.org have drawn questions about the group’s purported non-partisanship.[11]

As cited by Influence Watch, in 2016 North Carolina citizens were blanketed with 700,000 similar voter registration campaign by VPC.

“In North Carolina, local reporters wrote about the deceptive nature of Voter Participation Center’s mailers: “It is important to know while the form looks official and claims it needs your attention right away, it is not from any government agency.”

Local North Carolina media outlet WFMY reported on the deceptive nature of these mailings which claimed the recipient might not be registered at all and warned voters that these forms were not from any official state elections agency.

So let’s recap on the “non-partisan” group sending NC voters absentee ballot applications:

  • The Center for Voter Information is a front for the Voter Participation Center which is a front group of Women’s Voices, Women Vote.
  • DemLabs LLC is doing all the snazzy website art for CVI.
  • Women’s Voices and their front groups (CVI and VPC), as well as DemLabs LLC are partisan. Period.
  • The money fueling all of them comes from the Godfather of the Left, George Soros.

While it is not illegal what groups like Women’s Voice are doing, people should not trust an absentee or voter registration form from a third party. Go through the official channels.

NC citizens should obtain any registration forms or voter related materials from the NC Board of Elections.