How YOU can stop voter fraud in NC . . . today!

North Carolina’s future looks bleak unless we stand up against those trying to manipulate election law for their own personal gain. If you’ve found this page, we shouldn’t need me to review how it all happened.You are here for action and we need swarming fire ants who will make the Legislature honestly and openly investigate the possibility of systematic election fraud NOW! They should do this BEFORE they pass a fraud-friendly bill being dictated by lawyers at the Justice Department. Please take these action steps:

1. Get on the phone and call Speaker Thom Tillis to demand they refer the Voter ID bill back to committee and carefully examine the evidence presented at the April 10 public hearing.

2. Call your own Legislator (the one who represents your District) and demand the same action.

3. Send email to those same two people. Again, your message is for them to table the current Voter ID bill and hold more hearings with sworn testimony from people who personally witnessed election fraud like the stories they ignored at their own public hearings.

4. Forward this email to anybody you know who hasn’t already given up on the cynical cronyism and ask that they also take action.

Legend has it that North Carolina earned the “Tarheel” moniker after our state’s Civil War soldiers courageously refused to back down from a fight for their survival. If we all demand that our “leaders” take a similar stand against election fraud, the rest of the nation might finally take a stand with us against election fraud. They can only ignore you if you shut your mouth. The days of pretend are over. There may not be an Easter Bunny, but there really is election fraud in North Carolina and we elected them to fix it . . . Not in 2016, but NOW!


To contact Thom Tillis, please click here.

To locate and contact your own Sate Representative, please click here.


(The Voter Integrity Project of NC is a trans-partisan, volunteer organization that works for “free and fair elections” by bringing more transparency to the process in order to ensure that no voters are disenfranchised. The group uses database analysis to detect irregularities in the voting records that could suggest patterns of fraud. Their research has included embarrassing the NC State Board of Elections with a discovery of almost 30,000 deceased persons still on the voter rolls; more than a hundred people who voted in the 2008 election and then later proved to the Wake County Clerk of Courts that they were not US citizens; and (most recently) 33 people who appeared to have voted in both Florida and NC for the 2012 November election—five of whom were identified by election officials for prosecution. No donations are tax-deductible, but we use all income to fund research our communication efforts. To support our efforts, please visit our home page and sign up for our updates. While you’re at it, you might want to click the “Donate” button too!)