Jovan spills the beans about Matt Braynard!

Aug 5, 2023 — Got a fun clip today from Jovan Pulitzer, offering more evidence that Matt Braynard is a fraud and briefly mentioned how Matt stole the Voter Integrity Project branding.

Those of us who spend more than a decade keeping the election integrity movement alive before 2020’s election all see through Braynard’s grift, but it’s always nice to see a newbie like Jovan highlight it too.

Braynard, you might recall, was the guy who made bombastic claims about massive voter fraud, immediately after the 2022 election and told audiences he was “founder of Voter Integrity Project.” Matt lied about that, but our website suddenly was getting, literally, ten times as many hits as before, so we know he fooled a lot of people.

Lately, Matt has been advocating Republican ballot harvesting and Mr. Lindell opposes that idea, wanting instead for everybody to wait until Election Day. I did not see the debate they had on Tim Poole’s influential podcast, but I hear both sides made good points for their thesis.

Beyond the content, Braynard’s arrogance was on full display as he hurled the insults, at one point, calling Mike a “barstool lunatic who wouldn’t be listened to if he didn’t have money”

Braynard’s theft of the Voter Integrity Project branding is well documented and there’s a lot more we can say about it, but not today.

For now, just think of him as a Republican establishment political consultant who stayed with Trump’s 2016 long enough for people to figure him out.

Lately, Matt’s side hustles included consulting for a very winnable race in Washington State (3CD). The candidate, a 20-year Army Special Forces veteran, named Joe Kent, lost by 2,629 votes and has already announced he’s running again.

The mistake Kent made by hiring Braynard, a DC consultant, whose future lies in the swamp. Thus, the only way a Swamp Rat is allowed to “help” any true patriots get elected to Congress is to drain their coffers and make sure they lose.

Braynard Burning the Bridges

Evidently, not content with little ol’ VIP not liking Braynard, he’s raising his GOPe bonafides by insulting and belittling Christian business owner and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell.

“You can stay in Cartoon Land (with Mike Lindell) or you can come join reality with me.”

According to Joe Hoff’s review, Matt used the debate to pitch his consulting company, taking money from candidates have “lost over and over again. Joe Kent, an incredible candidate being his most recent victim.”

You can read Joe Hoff’s review of the debate and watch the debate in full by clicking here.

During Jovan Pulitzer’s review of the debate, he spend portions of his three-hour broadcast, on July 22, 2023 (to see it, click here) slamming Matt Braynard over his boorish behavior and phony marketing ploys, but that’s not why I’m taking up your time today.

What made people tell me about Pulitzer’s review was a 56-second segment that included telling his audience that Braynard stole Voter Integrity Project “from somebody else.”

Thanks, Jovan! That “somebody else” was me!!!


You can watch iJovan’s short mention of Voter Integrity Project by clicking the image below or by clicking here: