The Dirty Politics of Suppressing Military Voters

(Raleigh, NC)—NOV 18, 2013—While the Voter Integrity Project strives to conduct our electoral analysis in a non-partisan way, we have to expose loopholes that are devised to help one side slaughter the other; and nothing illustrates this better than Department of Justice efforts to suppress military voters.

But don’t take my word when their own actions speak louder. Their deliberate strategy to discourage military voting first became known during the razor-thin 2000 election between Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice-President Al Gore.

Since many of our readers were too young to remember those harrowing days, I’ll briefly review some of the highlights while keeping this in mind: Florida was the first bellwether state (25 Electoral College votes) to be called that night.

The dominant media declared Gore the winner at around 7:50 PM, before the polls had even closed in the heavily Republican (and heavily military) Florida panhandle. History will never quantify the people (in both Florida and neighboring states) who curtailed their last-minute efforts to vote upon hearing that Bush lost Florida.

According to an autopsy of this epic fail documented by the American Journalism Review, the various network statistical wizards (their versions of our John Pizzo) immediately expressed doubts. So, at 9:45, when a Voter News Service (VNS) operator “accidentally” gave Al Gore around 39,000 extra votes in Duval County (Jacksonville, FL), the statisticians convinced their news chiefs to put the race back into play.

The VNS was a cost-saving measure that pooled network political polling units into the hands of a single entity. To their credit, the Associated Press didn’t trust the VNS and opted for a more accurate methodology: They reported official results.

At 2:17 AM, it was Bush’s turn. Fox awarded Florida for Bush and all other networks joined the chorus. The AP remained silent and by 4:00 AM, NBC reversed itself again, deeming the race, “too close to call.”

As Gore began losing, his team realized that Florida was close enough to steal; so they deployed lawyers who demanded recounts in their favorite counties.

The ugliest tactic to chip away at Bush’s lead during the recount involved throwing out military absentee ballots. With that goal, the Gore campaign issued directions (see link at bottom) on how their attorneys should disqualify military ballots.

As that news unfolded, some military officers openly discussed favoring resignation over serving a Commander In-Chief who won by suppressing military votes; and those dark days galvanized the Voter Integrity Project on my bucket list..

Okay, that was a long intro, but it ends quickly: One after-effect was for Congress to mandate that states mail out military absentee ballots early enough for their timely return. It was a nice gesture, but the DOJ granted waivers to any states who didn’t prefer to obey that law.

In fairness, some of states had legitimate timing issues because of late-season primaries; but several states (Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wisconsin among them) skirted that federal law; so we brainstormed with the Outer Banks TEA Party and devised a way to prevent this abuse of the military in North Carolina and we hope other states will take note.

Buried within NC’s 49-page election-reform law (§ 163-227.3) is a provision to protect the process from manipulative politicians or even election officials who . . . well . . . loath the military. Pushed by Moore TEA Citizens and by State Senators Jerry Tillman and Bill Cook, the law mirrors the federal military ballot rules . . . but with one key difference: No waivers.

As a result, any of North Carolina’s county election boards who drag their feet can still get a pass from the Feds, but they can also be sued under state law. Bam!!


This sordid tale illustrated how states can countermand some of the fraud-friendly election laws forced upon us by corrupt Washington politicians. Suppressing military ballots is today’s example; but there are a lot more, so be sure to check back at our website: www.VoterIntegrityProject.com

Please click here to see memo >> FL_Suppressing Military (Memo)

(Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wisconsin among them)