The NC-Purple State Myth

Sep 26, 2023 – Beyond keeping it in Legislative hands, we’ve been agnostic on the question of redistricting. By that, I mean we’ve strongly opposed any sort of “nonpartisan” redistricting commissions, but otherwise trust the lawmakers to fight it out in an effective way.

Democrats and Republicans will engage in a tug of war over the districts and yes, the Republicans will gain Congressional seats in this process. It may not seem fair, but the reason for that is the Republican dominance in the Legislative races.

We view electionintegrity as a nonpartisan issue, but redistricting is highly partisan and I’m writing this post simply to stop some of the highly partisan lies lawmakers will hear during public comments and in “news” reports over this issue.

Find Your Voice

The House and Senate Redistricting Committees are holding public hearings today at 4:00 PM at Appalachian State University’s Hickory campus and the speaker sign-up link is posted here.

Another hearing is tomorrow at 4:00 PM at Room 603 in the Legislative Office Building (the tall building behind the General Assembly building) and the speaker sign-up site is linked here.

Speaking at these hearings is NOT a waste of time!

The reason I say this is because the organized, and well-funded Left will be present in full force with one mission in mind: They want to see how many Congressional seats they can guilt the Legislature into giving the Democrats.

Bbbbut… we’re a purple state!

This is the refrain you will hear during the public comments from every Leftist, but it’s a lie.

Big Lie: “NC is Purple”

As proof, they will cite the voter registration statistics. I’m too lazy to pull the current numbers today, but you can either download them yourself (by clicking here) or take my word when I say that the largest voting bloc are registered as “Unaffiliated.”

All this proves is nothing beyond that statement.

Since state law now allows Unaffiliated voters to meddle in any party’s primary simply by requesting their ballot, why wouldn’t everybody become Unaffiliated?

Our Legislature has all but destroyed the party system, but that’s a fight for another day.

The next argument the Left will spout is when they cherry pick the data and hope lawmakers are too stupid to do their own research…┬áso we’re doing it for them and trusting you to make sure they know the facts.

Democrats and RINOs make their “purple-state” case by pointing out how we elected a Democrat Governor and a Democrat Attorney General in 2020. That much is what the “fact checkers” would deem “mostly true,” but there’s more.

First, those two races were heavily distorted by massive amounts of New York and California super donors.

while the RGA or Republican RINO Governor’s Association sat on their check books in the Dan Forest election and later lamented that he was outspent by a 7 to 1 ratio.

Second, Roy Cooper may have “won” that election, but he was not the highest vote getter, so their argument is a classic non sequitur.

How NC is Red

Quick! Who was the leading vote getter in 2020?

Steve Troxler: The most popular politician in NC

Trump? Nope.

Mark Robinson? Nope.

It was Republican Steve Troxler!

You can see the receipts by clicking here, but the bottom line is that Steve got 2.9 million votes. Cooper got 2.8 million and Robinson got 2.8 million.

While Trump did beat Biden by around 74,000 votes, he only got 2.75 million votes.

Deeper Red Judiciary

The purple-state lie becomes an even bigger whopper when you consider the judicial contests.

Everybody remembers Paul Newby’s razor-thin 401 vote margin, but that was another contest deeply distorted by elite-state donors.

As you can see here, Newby got 2.695 million votes, but every other statewide judicial race was won by Republicans with just above 2.7 million votes. To restate that, in NC, Republican judicial candidates won every single statewide election in 2020.

In case you thought it was a fluke that year, let’s look at 2022.

Ted Budd won the Senate election with 1.9 million votes, but he was the fourth highest vote getter that year.

As the record shows, Judge Donna Stroud won the top spot with 2.03 million votes.

Two other Appellate Court Republicans, John Tyson and Michael Stading, also beat Budd’s totals, with 1.96 million votes.

Red-State Reality

Except for the media and the major cities, North Carolina has a conservative electorate. That fact is so real to Democrats, that in the early 1990s, they took the partisan labels off of judicial races and ran lots of women for those seats.

That ploy enabled them to fool voters who generally will trust a woman over a man if they don’t otherwise have enough facts about the races.

Now that the party affiliations are known, we saw in 2022, when Republican John Tyson beat Democrat Gale Adams, and we saw in 2020, when Republicans Paul Newby and Phil Berger Jr. beat Cheri Beasley and Lucy Inman, respectively, North Carolina has a “center-right” electorate… if we can keep it.

Botton Line Talking Points

Reasons Republicans deserve to control the Congressional majority:

  • North Carolina is a red state.
  • In 2020, the most popular elected official was the Republican Secretary of Agriculture.
  • In 2022, the top seven most popular candidates were all Republicans.
  • In 2010, North Carolina elected a Republican majority with maps rigged by the Democrats.
  • Since 2010, North Carolina has overwhelmingly voted for Republican State House and Senate majorities.
  • North Carolina should serve the nation by creating as many Republican.Congressional districts as legally allowed.

Whenever you hear some RINO or Democrat start claiming “North Carolina is a purple state,” why not politely shut them down with the truth!