The next step toward an audit

Nobody wants to waste time doing unproductive activism,  and people have asked how to plug into the audit movement. We’ve searched out this question pretty extensively.

Spoiler alert: Both political parties are fairly content with how the last election turned out, so they are fighting against any audit beyond the pretend audits conducted by the NC State Board of Elections.

do not want to look over the shoulders of the state agency they empowered both to control the process and to announce the winners. So, if you want a full forensic audit of the 2020 elections, don’t put too much faith in your political party.

The action is on Telegram!

There are two major audit groups in that space, both agreeing that audits are criticial… but their approach the fight for audits in different ways. The two groups are called NC First Audit and NC Audit Force.

While both groups support the idea of forensic audits of the electoral process, there is major disagreement over the means to that goal.

It is clear to VIP that our state’s legislature is still opposed to performing an audit. Instead of dialogue, they make excuses and deploy minions to spread their excuses in social media.

The “First Audit” group urges constant lobbying of lawmakers and demanding an audit, but they stop short of canvassing. In fact, they have openly opposed internal pushes for organizing citizen-led canvassing initiatives…  and this is a problem.

For those reasons, we support the dual track approach, espoused by the NC Audit Force Telegram group.

They’re currently working on organizing county teams, but it is our understanding that they will soon kick off the canvass effort with a single targeted canvass that’s focused on one specific county.

The idea is to send a few hundred people into one county on a Saturday and see how much evidence they can gather. Since boots on the ground is always a challenge to any movement, this seem far more productive than another rally or lobbying day.

The lawmakers are not going to see the light on this issue unless they feel the heat, so gathering actual proof of wrongdoing seems to be the best action to take.

Check ’em out! (Here’s their link to join the fray.)