The Source of Our Fears: Chicago Gone Nationwide

Aug 29,2016 (RALEIGH) — Unless Supreme Court Justice Roberts suddenly has a miraculous regrowth of a certain part of his anatomy, we’re presuming he will take the path of Leftist adulation and force North Carolina to capitulate in our Legislature’s brave quest to prevent several of the more common types vote fraud.

In short, Republicans tried to fix 140 years of Democrat/KKK/Jim Crow election rigging and three lawyers wearing black robes threw out laws that the Supreme Court and the DOJ had previously upheld in other states. Why? Because they clipped together a few stories and ignored the facts. Then they called our entire state Legislature a bunch of “racist.” Election laws that are allowed in South Carolina are not allowed in North Carolina, because three federal judges have super powers and can read minds.

As they say, it is what it is.

We’ve spent the better part of five years investigating vote fraud and, yes, we found some. To which the progressives howl that we haven’t found enough to prove widespread vote fraud. Well of course that would be true, since we lack access to kind of data that “the government” keeps us from seeing.

But think about it…while we…a team of scientists, engineers, auditors and activists… used public information to find around 150 people who appeared to have voted in Florida and NC for the same federal election, our state Board of Elections…using their vast data that includes non-public information like social security numbers… found tens of thousands of such people who appear to have committed the same sort of crime.

We now realize that there is a bigger reason so many “progressives,” civil rights organizations, and labor unions have attacked the idea of voter ID. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with racism…it’s vote fraud.

Where’s our proof?

The proof that people have committed organized vote fraud is already in the public record, but not in North Carolina. There are several reasons for this and we’re not going back over that today.

But it all starts in Chicago, 1982.

When I wave my arms and start ranting about how 63 people stole “at least 100,000 votes in one statewide election,” otherwise intelligent people scoff and call it a “conspiracy theory.” But when a federal grand jury convicts those 63 people of that crime, it’s called a “conspiracy.” This isn’t theory.

Before I link you to the Grand Jury report on those proceedings , let me remind you that most of the mitigation strategies they recommended were never implemented. So, the brazen fraud the criminals were committing at a massive level could very well have been exported to key battleground states, like North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.

With apologies to ZZ Top… “they’re bad and they’re nationwide.”

We will soon be recruiting people to help us with a major effort that will help us get to the bottom of this single question: How widespread is vote fraud in North Carolina?

If you live in North Carolina; are able to work hard, one last time, during early voting and through Election Day; and are willing to do it without compensation; and are willing to endure some hardship, then you might be one of the people we need!

Click here to read the Grand Jury report that keeps some of us awake at night: Report of the Special Grand Jury US District Court NE Illinois

~ Jay