The Whole World’s Watching!

(Raleigh, NC)-SEP 30, 2013- “In filing his frivolous lawsuit today against our state, US Attorney General Eric Holder has hit a new low by dredging up North Carolina’s shameful racist past as a pretense to reverse the most effective election-fraud-prevention legislation our state has undertaken in more than a century.

Mr. Holder’s colossal blunder today will go down in history as a key turning point in our nation’s effort to reverse more than 20 years of enterprise-level election fraud perpetrated against America after President Clinton enacted the National Voter Registration Act (commonly called “Motor Voter”).

We especially look forward to the discovery phase because the evidence and testimony gathered at that time will finally spur public outrage over how fraud-friendly our election laws have become both in North Carolina and beyond.

Earlier this month, we disclosed an NC Board of Election internal document (see link below) confirming 475 cases of voter fraud in North Carolina since 2008, but that number only represents the tip of the iceberg.

With today’s desperate legal maneuver, Eric Holder accidentally created a public forum that will show the entire world how criminal elements have been stealing votes and stealing elections in America.

When law-abiding citizens fully realize the level of voter fraud we are experiencing, the public will demand tighter controls over our entire electoral process and for that reason alone, Mr. Holder will rue the day he picked a fight with North Carolina.”


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