Two Audit Force Events This Weekend

Oct 28, 2021

Voter Integrity Project normally refuses to promote events about election integrity unless they include some positive action steps. We strive to give audiences something better to do than throw their hands up in despair.

So that’s why we’re excited for this weekend’s double-headers featuring Draza Smith and Joe Oltmann, in both Raleigh (Friday night) and Morehead City (Saturday), in support of the North Carolina Audit Force. The details are below.

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Joe Oltmann

According to his event bio, Mr. Oltmann is the former CEO and founder of a national data tech company, called FEC United. His expected topics include his work on election integrity following the 2020 elections and his information battles involving Eric Coomer and Dominion Voting Systems.

He has put life on hold to share his findings about Eric Coomer and Dominion Voting Systems through both his podcast platform, called Conservative Daily, and through election integrity events nationwide.

Coomer is believed to be “the person who designed the algorithms used to control the winners of all elections in the United States.”

Oltmann reached that conclusion after infiltrating a zoom call when Coomer said he was “going to make f’ing sure Trump did not win.”

According to event organizers, Oltmann will “tell audiences what he knows about the biggest crime of this century: stealing the rightful votes of the American people.”

Saying his election integrity work “forever changed the trajectory of his life,” he calls people to action in order to preserve the republic and┬áreminds audiences that “courage is more infectious than fear.”

“Lady Draza” Smith

Organizers tell me that Lady Draza is “another math guru,” along the lines of Dr. Douglas Frank, Edward Solomon, and Bobby Piton, with a BS in Electrical Engineering from NC State, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Mercer University, and advanced degree work in Computer Engineering from Univ of Central Florida that includes an MS and completed PhD coursework.

As a licensed Professional Engineer in FL, she applied herself to analyzes the real-time election returns used by media outlets like New York Times, Fox, and CNN (among others) to forecast results on election night.

Her North Carolina presentation reveals her findings on, both the Presidential race in NC, and several down ballot races as well.

Lately, she partnered with a retired math/computer professor to produce a video, that that uses math to explain how the votes “were controlled and not counted.”

They will be premiering this new video.at the both North Carolina events.

How You Can Attend

The Raleigh event is at a private residence. If any tickets still remain, they can be ordered by clicking here.

In Morehead City, the Crystal Coast Civic Center will host the multi-media presentation and tickets may be purchased by clicking here.

Hope to see you there!

~ jd