Guilty! Democrat Ballot Harvesters Get Feather Convictions

Apr 15, 2021 (Raleigh) Raising serious doubts about the McCrae Dowless prosecution, Hoke County Democrat activists, Wanda Blue and Julia Shaw, indicted for harvesting a combined 21 absentee ballots from Hoke County nursing home patients, quietly accepted a lesser charge but Hoke resident, Hal Nunn, whose mother, a Stage-Four Alzheimer patient, was a victim, today petitioned the State Board of Elections to release their investigation notes.

Shaw and Blue each accepted a single count of obstructing justice, which resulted in fines, fees, community service, suspended-sentence jail time, and supervised probation which reverts to unsupervised probation after they fulfill 24 hours of community service.

Shaw, who was indicted of possessing 13 absentee ballots plead guilty, but Blue negotiated an Alford plea, which magically allowed her to plead guilty without admitting guilt.

We mentioned Nunn’s fight for the prosecutions during our coverage of the highly publicized media lynching of 9th CD Congressman-elect Mark Harris and his Bladen County liaison, McCrae Dowless.

Nunn may have triggered the Blue-Shaw investigations after he discovered how, in a March 2016 primary, that somebody voted in his mother’s name. He recorded an interview with his mother only a few hours after spotting her “signed” an absentee ballot envelope request form at the Hoke County Board of Elections office.

Nunn’s five-year fight for justice ended with a prosecution in which Hoke District Attorney, Mike Harden’s, ADA, John Thompson, never bothered to notify Nunn of the convictions. He told Voter Integrity Project that both Harden and the outgoing DA, Kristy Newton had assured him they would keep him informed of the entire proceeding.

He stumbled over the convictions yesterday, nearly seven months after the deal was done.

13 counts of ballot harvesting from Julia Shaw’s indictment resulted in one count of obstructing justice.

Eight counts of ballot harvesting on Wanda Blue’s indictment resulted in one count of obstructing justice.

Today, Nunn requested the investigation notes which were promised to him by former SBE Investigations Chief, Joan Fleming. His request cc-copiedĀ  Jay DeLancy, Director and Founder of Voter Integrity Project, along with two media organizations and two NCGOP officials, General Counsel Philip Thomas, and Chairman Michael Whatley.

How ’bout them Dowless indictments?

Bladen County’s McCrae Dowless

While the prosecution of Republican activist, McCrae Dowless, continues to be widely covered in national news organizations and his evidentiary hearing featured accusations of his collecting ballots from neighbors and friends, none came from nursing home patients.

Since Dowless has plead not guilty, Freeman has the unlucky burden of convincing a jury of his guilt after a media-show trial pressured the elected Congressman Harris into resigning his office before being sworn in.

Freeman later absolved Harris of any guilt, but she continues to pursue Dowless, whose case is still pending, even though former NCSBE Director Kim Strach admitted before a live audience at Davidson College to not finding “any” harvested ballots and only seeing two ballots that “may” have been illegally handled..

“The sentencing of Blue and Shaw exposes the fecklessness of our entire election fraud investigation and sentencing process,” DeLancy said. “At the same time, it makes us wonder what the Democrat Special Prosecutor Lorrin FreemanĀ  ever hopes to achieve in her prosecution of the Republican Dowless.”