Update to NY-NC Double Voter Email

Sep 4, 2020 (Raleigh) — In what has become standard operating procedure for NC’s State Board of Election (NCSBE) Executive Director, Karen Bell, we finally got a response (click here to see it) from her . . . but only after we cc-copied the Legislature’s Government Operations Committee Co-Chairman, Rep. George Cleveland.

Picture of Rep Cleveland

Rep George Cleveland

In a nutshell, Bell’s response threw two of her employees under the bus for being too busy working on other issues. She then listed a series of issues she had kept them busy doing this week. She then proceeded to throw Voter Integrity Project’s Jay DeLancy under the bus, run over him, and then back up a few times just to make sure.

The nub of her complaint was to imply we had set them up by not following up on the email sent to their Agency PIO, Patrick Gannon, and Chief Counsel, Katlyn Love on Thursday, August 27.

Today’s email from Bell was a reply to Rep Cleveland (with cc-copy to DeLancy) at 11:41 AM. That was about an hour after our follow-up message, which had put Director Bell and her NY counterpart on notice not to destroy certain key evidence that will be needed in potential litigation and/or prosecution.

We were concerned about this evidence because it would answer the question of whether each voter we identified either committed the crime of voting twice or was a victim of voter impersonation fraud.

Law Enforcement investigations into VIP’s 2013 FLANC project documented both of the above types of voter fraud, but a slick State Attorney in Florida slow-rolled our voter impersonation case until the statute of limitations prevented it from ever being prosecuted.

Since then, we’ve learned more techniques that can help us nudge along any investigations and prevent sneaky DAs from sweeping the fraud under a rug. After all, if a crime is never prosecuted, then it’s a lot easier to deny the crime ever happens.

Why Today Was Urgent

The single most important key to getting past corrupt Prosecutors is the proper analysis of any documents that voters in (NY and NC) must sign in exchange for a ballot. That’s why today’s follow-up email asked both states’ elections agencies to delay their destruction.

Both of your agencies’ non-response to my prior notice is disturbing, so we’ll give this version of the email a wider audience and kindly ask that you withhold destruction of any election material that was signed by a voter in order to cast a vote in the 2018 election. Said material could be in the form of election day signature forms, absentee ballot return envelopes, or any other documents signed in the process of obtaining a ballot. Depending on your individual state’s laws and court orders (etc.) federal guidelines allow such documents to be destroyed 22 months after the prior federal election. Since that earliest possible destruction date puts us at Sunday, September 6, 2020, we respectfully ask that you issue a directive to prevent their destruction. They will be needed in potential litigation.

Our Do-Not-Destroy message to Bell snd the NY SBE cc-copied Rep Cleveland and his NY counterpart, Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski. Without our last-minute notice, they could have begun destruction as early as this Sunday.  Hopefully, NY election officials respect Mr. Zebrowski as much as Bell should respect Rep Cleveland.


Link to the Bell-Cleveland email