Video: The Day Voter ID Died

[Note: There is an important update to this story, posted here. The issue being debated at the recorded hearing was quietly removed from the affidavit after the public learned how the hearing turned out, but still. . . the following video serves to help the public understand how lawyerly and difficult it can be to get any meaningful election law reforms in a partisan Legislative proceeding. The irony shown here is that every Commissioner talking and voting in this video was a Republican. This 35-minute clip might be worth memorializing for that reason alone.] 

July 25, 2023 — Thanks to a timely public records request, we’re now able to present the WebX recording of last Thursday’s RRC meeting where the NC State Board of Elections drove the final spike through the heart of our weakest-in-the nation voter ID law.

It even has yours truly, giving it one last shot at steering them away from this disaster.

Ideally, we’d have it posted on Youtube, but for now, this is all we can do until some tech problems are resolved. For now, this is all we’ve got for you.

To see the relevant portion of the meeting, click this image and load this password: 9wMZUGPF and drag over to the 27:30 mark.

Another way to see the link of the WebX meeting is to click this link and enter this password: 9wMZUGPF


This meeting is REALLY boring, because it addresses other matters before the commission that were fairly mundane and down in the weeds. The matter involving elections begins at the 27:30 mark.

UPDATE: We’re getting word that the Legislature is really P-O’d about this form and it may have opened a can of worms that they may decide to address during this session.