VIP Honored with an Al Jazerra Amerika Hit Job


Click image to see AJA hit job on VIP.

Oct 29, 2014 (RALEIGH) — It’s not every day that a news crew shoves their camera in your face to try and rattle you, but Al Jazz accomplished the opposite effect: It was actually a humorous ambush interview by an all in-your-face reporter, Greg Palast, from the network that Al Gore once owned but later dumped (probably a short sale).

Greg was cool He had the shtick of a hard-nosed reporter down to an art form: He had the Matt Drudge fedora (I’ve got one too, by the way) and the audacity of Mike Wallace. His guy shoved the camera in my face like they were going to scare me, but it didn’t work. Seriously, I’ve been more terrified looking in my mirror.

It was funny, because the joke was on Greg. . . only he never laughed. If you want to review their extensive report, please click here. , but the upshot is that he spent a great deal of effort trying to convince his entire 73 readers that two major lies are true: 1-Vote fraud is a myth; and 2-That Jim Crow is alive and well and walking around bribing Republicans in NC’s Legislature. For my younger readers, Jim’s that guy who died in 1965 but spent his entire life working by day as a Democrat Party activist and by night as an organizer for the KKK.

Scare mongering card the vote fraud deniers have left.

Scare mongering: The only card vote fraud deniers have left in their failing bid to keep low-information voters on their side.

But I digress. The big joke on Greg is that he totally missed the story. I didn’t see any, but maybe his hearing aids prevented him from understanding what Josh Lawson (of the NC State Board of Elections) and others were trying to tell him. Greg was on a crusade to prove we (and the Interstate Crosscheck program) can find zero double voters. He did this by “obtaining” the data from other states and “proving” that none of the people listed were actually double voters.

Well, of course that’s true because the other states did not do the data refinement that Kim Strach (NC SBOE Director) had ordered her staff to conduct. As a result, Kim has something called “evidence.” Greg had part of a raw list of “possible matched” between registered voters in two or more states. TDenialsimhe size of that list was upwards of a million voters. Kim had a list of more than 36,000 suspects.

Like so many people in Greg’s profession, math probably wasn’t his favorite subject in school. (The same cannot be said for John Pizzo and our brilliant network of auditors, engineers, programmers who help us decipher the data we wrestle out of the hands of statists.)

So, to paraphrase Indiana Jones, Al Jazz spent a lot of effort “digging in the wrong hole” and they (like hundreds of other vote fraud deniers out in media pundit land) will all look pretty stupid when the truth finally emerges.

Hint: Speaking of truth. . . unless something goes “boom” tonight and changes the entire conversation, some of our hard work to reveal the truth about vote fraud will probably begin seeping into the national conversation over the next five days. If you’re curious, please keep an eye on your favorite cable news channel between 10 AM tomorrow and election day for details. (I said “news,” so it won’t be on MSNBC.)

(Note: We may eventually post our own video of AJA’s silly ambush on our YouTube channel, but don’t hold your breath. At the rate we’re going, it will be a while. We’re currently too busy dealing with real media to bother with AJA.)