VIP Launches Election Observer Training

Oct 1, 2020 (Raleigh) Thanks to the Coronavirus, Voter Integrity Project had to scrap plans for in-person training of election observers. Instead, we opted to offer a series of training modules that would benefit three distinct groups.

First, we will provide a few tools for those who care enough about election integrity to go see it for themselves by becoming well-trained election observers.

Second, we will help election officials face the reality of the problems we expect them to solve. This can bleed over into policy wonks and to the lawmakers who either didn’t know or didn’t care to know about the information trained observers will gather.

Third, we want to scare people who have been hauling cheaters around to the various polling locations and facilitating their voting under different names. I know, I know! The Wizards of Smart say nobody ever commits such a “serious” crime, but humor me. Claims of little to no voter impersonation fraud come more out of ignorance than intelligence.

Our goal is to show the bad guys how we will catch them. Ant then, if they’re too stupid to stop committing the crimes, we will provide the kind of proof that will get them into trouble.

The “new normal” is for trained observers to make it harder for people to get away with voter fraud. The bad guys need to know that–unlike in the past–there is a reasonable chance of them being caught.

Of course, none of that happens without the proper documentation of their crimes and that’s why we carry a clipboard.

Our first video combines two training modules into a 30-minute “masterpiece” by both introducing prospective election observers to the process and by teaching some clinical psychology about the mindset an observer will need when “things go sideways.”

Not Nearly Enough

Typically, political parties train observers on how elections are supposed to be administered and that’s good… but it’s not nearly enough. Such training should definitely be taken before you advance to this follow-on training. That’s because we people who know what do do when things are NOT being administered properly or when somebody is gaming the system.

We’ve all been there when an obvious crime begins to take place at the polls. How you respond to the situation can either create great “actionable” evidence for law enforcement types, or it can get you kicked out of the polling location and as an added bonus, you might even get harassed by liars and cheaters!

So, if I’ve failed at talking you out of becoming a poll observer, then we move forward together.

~ Jay


By the way, I referenced three things that merit including a link below and they are:
1) Of course…our website, www.VoterIntegrityProject.com
2) Dr. Tim Daughtry’s great book on when and how to engage people on the other side of the political spectrum. He speaks from the perspective of a clinical psychologist, but his book is easy enough to read that even I got it! The odd title is “Waking the Sleeping Giant.” and it has nothing to do with a movie of the same name.
3) A best-selling self-help book called “The Relaxation Response.”