VIP-NC Response to DACA Drivers Licenses

Proper Licensing is Proper Governing

(Raleigh, NC)—MAR 5, 2013—The citizen group known as Voter Integrity Project of NC delivered a letter to the Governor’s mansion today at 3:30 PM in support of Governor McCrory’s plan to issue distinct driver’s licenses to certain non-US citizens.

“The Governor’s bold decision to issue distinct licenses is a critical action for ballot box security,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of VIP-NC. “This measure will help prevent wholesale voter registrations of noncitizens who will suddenly own some very important identity cards.”

The group is concerned that any well-meaning election board employee in North Carolina or in other states could interpret the state-issued licenses and ID cards as some sort of proof of citizenship.

“We’ve seen this in other states,” said DeLancy, “where the license is used to obtain a voter registration card and every lawful voter in this country should be concerned when non citizens begin tampering with US elections.”

In June, 2012, VIP-NC brought evidence to Wake County’s Board of Elections that suggested hundreds of non-US citizens were registered to vote and that more than a hundred had already voted, but their complaints were rebuffed in the partisan “quasi-judicial” process.

“We remain deeply concerned about the fidelity of our electoral process,” said DeLancy, “and mistaking these newest license holders as citizens would destroy public trust in our entire constitutional way of life.”

The group’s letter encouraged the Governor to issue only “identifiably distinct DMV documents” in a fashion similar to (but not the same) as the licenses issued to beginner drivers.

“It is vital that these ‘special licenses’ cannot be confused with a ‘normal’ driver’s license,” he said, “especially if people use them illegally to obtain voter registration and to influence our electoral process.”

In September 2012, VIP-NC was credited for finding almost 30,000 dead people on North Carolina’s voter rolls. The move prompted election officials to launch an unprecedented “program audit” of the state’s entire voter roll just  85 days before the November election.

“As a group of people who have looked at the voter fraud problem in this state from several angles,” DeLancy said, “this licensing decision will be a good compromise between those not wanting to issue any licenses [to non-US citizens] and an extreme minority who attack those of us who are concerned about election fraud.”

The group says Governor McCrory’s compromise will be copied by other states.

“And that is why certain activists are so desperate to stop it right here,” said DeLancy.


Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina is a trans-partisan organization that researches and advises on election law reform to ensure that all elections are conducted in a free and fair manner and that no voters are disenfranchised.