VIP-NC Response: “Unfortunate” Remarks at NAACP Event

VIP-NC Response: “Unfortunate” Remarks at NAACP Event


“Our group was saddened to hear that remarks delivered Saturday at Raleigh’s NAACP convention may have mischaracterized the efforts of the Voter Integrity Project – NC. Our main goal from the beginning has been to help reform North Carolina’s antiquated election laws by working to eliminate every possible method of systematic election fraud; because every time a vote is illegally cast, a lawful voter has been disenfranchised.

In reality, the only voters we want to ‘suppress’ are the ones who try to cast an illegal vote. This could be done by somebody stealing the identity of a deceased voter, by tricking an immigrant into committing the felony crime of voting when not a US citizen or by filing an absentee ballot in the name of any of the 1.4 million fictitious voters who have been registered by third-party registration organizations like ACORN and NC PIRG. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with Reverend Barbour in an effort to help him understand our work and how much we are actually on the same side.” – Jay DeLancy, Executive Director, VIP-NC

Further, we thank our friends at True the Vote for coming to our defense with these remarks after the IREHR broadside attack (“Abridging the Vote”) launched at us today:

“It’s unfortunate to see divisive tactics like opposition research being performed on private citizens. These coordinated efforts to bully Americans, who are doing nothing more than executing their rights to observe elections (NC § 163‑45) and ensure accurate voter rolls (NC § 163‑85) are reprehensible. Critics would be wise to know their efforts to suppress citizen engagement only boosts interest and involvement. True The Vote stands ready to assist targeted individuals in correcting all defaming accusations to the fullest extent of law.”