VIP Position Featured in BBC Radio Documentary

Oct 31, 2018 (Raleigh) – “The Beeb” sent a World Service radio documentarian, Giles Edwards, to North Carolina earlier this month to interview several people whom he had met in producing a previous piece on our state’s tortured efforts to get a voter ID law.

BBC Journalist, Giles Edwards


But one perspective he did NOT get four years ago involved our position that the only reason voter impersonation fraud is deemed “rare” by the academic and media elites is that they’ve never really examined it.

The Voter Integrity Project – NC has spent a great deal of time studying this problem and it was gratifying for Mr. Edwards to acknowledge that fact and to allow our voice into his balanced presentation.

Here is the link to his report. We hope you will gain a better understanding of our position as well as the concerns of those on the other side of the voter ID debate.

Once we cut past the hyperbole, the poetry, and the cliches, we hope you’ll agree that while some claim that voter ID is about suppressing minority voters, the truth is not as ugly.

The key to understanding our side’s position involves something we’ve seen in our data analysis: this type of fraud is far more common than people want to imagine.

While that sounds alarmist, we’re trusting that our current Department of Justice is up to the task of finding the truth. Sadly, that has not been the case for much of the past ten years, so we’re hopeful that this administration actually… like… cares about voter fraud.