VIP Effort Leads to Vote Fraud Conviction

Nov 24, 2015 — Rutherfordton, NC — The first felon convicted under the VIP’s “FLANC” project, Pasco Parker, yesterday, received the maximum sentence from a “disgusted” Judge Robert Martelle, after Parker admitted to voting in three states during the same November 2012 federal election.Pasco Parker

“This conviction finally proves that vote fraud is real in North Carolina,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the Voter Integrity Project – NC, “and that collapses the argument against voter ID from people who deny vote fraud exists.”

Parker was sentenced to 6 to 17 months, but it was suspended and he was placed on supervised probation for 24 months. He also was ordered to complete 48 hours of community service, pay a $250 fee, a $190 court cost and a $500 fine, according to sources in Rutherford County.

[Note: We’ve called the offices of the prosecuting District Attorney, Ted Bell, to congratulate and request an interview, but he is in court today and a staff paralegal said he would contact us soon, so please check back at this site for follow-up information.]

“We recommend that his community service not involve election work,” said DeLancy, “but joking aside, this crime is the lowest form of felony under NC general statute and that reality needs to be addressed by lawmakers.”

RC Catalyst

Click this image to read the RC Catalyist account of Parker’s bad day in court.

According to a report of the conviction in the RC Catalyst, the Director of Elections in Rutherford County, Debbie Bedford, said this was the first conviction of vote fraud that she had ever seen in her 20-year career.

Vote fraud is a Class I (as in the class below “H”) felony under NC law, making it the lowest form of felony in the entire statutes. Stealing pine needles from somebody else’s property is a Class H felony.

“We’ve had data base programmers and a slew of volunteers working on Parker’s case for almost three years and we’re convinced the main reason vote fraud prosecutions are so hard to get is that the penalties are just too low,” said DeLancy. “When our state lawmakers view stealing pine needles as a more serious crime than stealing elections, the public should light a fire under their feet.”

Parker’s colorful record of eluding arrest was documented by the Voter Integrity Project, since early 2013, when the group reported his suspicious activity to election officials in both Florida and North Carolina.

His arrest last June in Tennessee was documented here. VIP’s research indicated Parker had voted Rutherford County during the November 2012 elections and also voted in Nashville, Tennessee and Port Richie, Florida, all during the same election, which is a felony under both state and federal law.

“This guy reminds us of El Chapo, the famed Mexican drug lord who keeps evading justice,” said DeLancy, “but we’re pleased to announce that the system has finally caught up with Pasco Parker.”


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