Why DeLancy’s “Arrest” Matters

Time to close the loop on our fake arrest news story. To read that story, please click here.

First…to those supporters of VIP who fell for the “April fool” joke. Thank you! We appreciate you more than you can imagine, because you wrote to John or to me and expressed your support for us in what would have been the new “worst day ever in VIP’s short history.” [Note: To see our current “worst day ever” leader, either Google my name and “temper tantrum” or just click here.] Anyway, you thought my “arrest” was real and you took the time to show your support. Thank you!!!!  Love you

They say friends will help you move…and real friends will help you move bodies. I now consider you a real friend. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now…while that was a major (yet unintended) benefit to this exercise, fooling critics was the goal and that was only met with moderate success. While we did get a few “neener neener…serves you right” types of email, we did not see left-wing blog sites linking to the story and gloating about my being arrested, which was the outcome we wanted to measure. It probably would have helped if I had posted the fake arrest report (see below) the first time around, but it was 4:00 AM and I didn’t notice it was missing until later. So, in that sense, I fell short.

A lot of our friends criticized us for not admitting it was a April fool prank in the original post, but doing so would have killed any chance of our achieving the ultimate goal of the prank. We wanted our critics to start gloating and re-posting the story without confirming the facts. This often happens when bad things happen to somebody you don’t like and we were hoping to leverage that primal instinct to pile on when your enemy gets wounded.

trojanIn that way, we hoped to help people begin to understand how permissive our state’s law is toward vote fraud. That was the “command message” or “Trojan horse” to the story all along. While quite a few people in media follow us on Twitter and Facebook and through our RSS-type notifications, none of them swallowed the bait and “went with” the story before checking with the RPD. At least a bunch of them opened the story and read it. A few others re-tweeted it or re-posted it on Facebook, so now a lot more people realize the stupid reality of North Carolina’s criminal statute, vis-a-vis NC election law.

In North Carolina, you get punished more for stealing pine straw than for stealing elections.

The prosecutorial discretion that District Attorneys feel they must have allows them to ignore vote fraud. This is a problem in most states; but in NC, if vote fraud were a Class G Felony (which is where it should be) the DAs would have a lot more motivation to prosecute vote fraud. They would also have more plea-bargaining tools that would help them win more vote fraud cases.

To be clear, the lack of prosecutions is the single greatest excuse (or “evidence”) cited by lawmakers, academics and media pundits who claim “there is no vote fraud” and “there is no need for voter ID laws.” Once they get away with denying the existence of vote fraud, they accuse voter ID supporters of being racist. That Jedi mind trick doesn’t work on us, because we know otherwise…but it’s still tough to break their circular reasoning. More prosecutions are the critical path to effective election law reform.jedi mind tricks

At its current level (Class I), a confirmed illegal voter in NC can easily game the system and get the case dismissed. I could throw the legislature into sheer panic and get my rear end kicked in the process…but if I explained how easy it is to get away with vote fraud…you’d be amazed! We’ll save that nugget for an upcoming major announcement.

In closing, we deeply value our friends AND our foes. We love the former because they are so supportive; and we appreciate the latter for being so hostile. Their caterwauling and harassment motivated us to dig deeper into the muck and it helped us to finally learn the real reason “progressives” are so opposed to voter ID laws. Note: We’ve already turned our evidence over to state and federal law enforcement officials so don’t get cute.

Stay tuned and maybe consider throwing us a few bucks (by clicking here). We are only doing this out of love of country, but it still cost money to cover legal and operating expenses.