NC Legislature Guts Voter ID Law

Reverse_PistolUpdated (Sunday, June 21) Statement by Jay DeLancy

After tapping several legislative sources Friday, we’re convinced the GOP caucus did not “intentionally” gut the voter ID law. Their inexperience in election fraud analysis leads them to believe the new loophole “won’t be a big deal” in our state. We humbly accept their honest intentions, but vigorously reject “hope” as any kind of fraud-mitigation strategy. The time for screaming is over. Now, let’s pull up our sleeves and fix it. . . . (click here to continue reading the complete response.)

(Unedited) Statement from Friday, June 19, 2015

“Late today, in a stunning betrayal of every NC voter who fought hard for  “real voter ID,” our state’s House and Senate completely gutted the voter ID law by allowing any voter to sign an unenforceable affidavit, attesting to their name, and by allowing any voter, of any age, to use an expired (up to 4 years) driver license for voter ID, despite clear evidence and media accounts of the thousands of DMV customers in late 2005 and early 2006 who flooded their offices for driver licenses before the proof of citizenship was required. This must not stand. Our last hope now lies in the mercy of God Almighty and the hands of people who elected a reform-minded super majority to both chambers in 2012.”

Urgent Action Steps

1-Pray to our Lord that the spirit of fear will not conquer North Carolina as it has so many other governmental entities lately.

2-Call the Governor’s office to demand his veto of HB 836. The numbers are 800.662.7952 and 919.814.2050. He could sign the bill right away, so please take this action immediately.

3-Call your State Senators or Representatives and demand they remove Section 8 from HB 836 after the Governor vetoes it. They did this in the last 20 minutes of the session and then left town until Monday, so you will need to reach them in their home districts. Click here to find your elected House and Senate members.

face-palmDisgusting Details:

Beginning on Page 6, line 33 of this conference committee legislation, NC lawmakers stripped all authority from county election boards to reject the provisional ballot of any voter who signs an toothless document, called a “reasonable impediment declaration,” and produces an official looking piece of paper with the voter’s alleged name and address on it.

Page 7, Line 22 guts the rules preventing expired driver licenses in voting.

At the 1:17:30 mark on this house audio recording of today’s session, Rep David Lewis announces the measure originated by Sen. Angela Bryant (D-Rocky Mount), a vocal opponent of voter ID from the beginning.

Not content with winning, Rep Glazier 1:22:20 began a series of questions to Rep Lewis that made more detailed demands to negate enforcement. Lewis caved on every added loophole that Rep Glazier could muster. (We congratulate him on keeping a straight face.)

Later in the audio, Rep Lewis cheerfully admitted that his party’s surrender was a direct result of the Soros-backed Democracy NC’s well-funded coordinated statewide effort over the past two weeks to demand unenforceable affidavits for people who couldn’t be bothered to obey the new voter ID laws.


(Corrected to reflect a 4-year limit on expired driver licenses.)