Voter Impersonation Fraud Research Project Begins

Oct 7, 2015 — RALEIGH — With the ink still wet from the last night’s election results, now is the best time to dig up evidence of election fraud and CAZARTS!! It didn’t take us long to find something.  Actually, this oddity happened in Mecklenburg County’s September 8 primary, but today, it triggers a season-long VIP research project into the problem.

Imagine walking in to vote on Election Day and being told that you already voted.


Click image for a larger version of VIP’s request, sent today to the Director of Mecklenburg County Board of Elections and to the three BOE members.

That happened to at least 16 voters in Mecklenburg’s Sep 8 primary.  The records code them as “VAV,” for “Voter Already Voted,” but we wonder. . .  did they really?

We say, “at least 16,” because we’ve heard unrelated accounts of other voters who were told they already voted and it upset them so badly that they walked out of the polls and refused (or even forgot) to vote. In other cases, the real voters never showed up at the polls, so nobody will ever know exactly how many identities are successfully stolen in any election.

If the VAV-coded voters are not evidence of potential  “voter disenfranchisement,” then we don’t know what is. In 2012, there were 165 such provisional ballots filed, but we were too inexperienced to know what to do about it. Today is different.

These 16 voters “look” like victims of voter-impersonation fraud. . . or not.  There may be an honest explanation for how somebody accidentally took another person’s chance to vote, but we plan  to investigate the resolution of each instance.

For example, sometimes, the poll worker accidentally pulls the card for a person with the same name who lives at that same address. So, Junior winds up voting with daddy’s Authorization To Vote (ATV) card.

In other cases, nobody ever really knows what happened. The signature is obviously not the voter’s signature; and since “there is no vote fraud” in North Carolina, election officials generally chalk it up as “administrative error” by a poll worker.

As long as nobody sees vote fraud, the public remains ignorant of the need for REAL voter ID.

As long as nobody sees vote fraud, the public remains ignorant of the need for REAL voter ID.

The good news is that the physical evidence is available to election officials and we believe the public has a right to understand the circumstances of each VAV anomaly.

To that end, we have filed a Request for Information (RFI) to analyze the records from the Mecklenburg elections and are readying some other requests that relate to this problem on a larger scale.

Finding and analyzing vote fraud is one of the reasons VIP still needs your support, which you can do by clicking here. We also need it in order to unbury ourselves from the legal battle we faced over the past year. Nobody at VIP collects a paycheck for this work, so your contributions are deeply appreciated.

Oh… and by NC records-keeping law…for municipal elections, the actual provisional ballots get destroyed just sixty days after the election is certified.

What a system!



(BIG Hat Tip to data wizard, Jerry R., of Cumberland County!)