War at the CBEs (Partisan Precinct Packing Pt. 2)

Sep 31, 2021 Oct 1, 2021 (Winston Salem) After yesterday’s episode into how Democrat County Board of Election (CBE) members are gaming the system to pack their shadiest precincts with all three election of their preferred judges, and no Republican Judges, we learned more about how this same trick was played on the Republican CBE members in Forsyth County.

But first. . .  It’s important to understand that enforcing the statutory “procedures” are critical to open and honest elections and the only two ways to ensure integrity is with honest election employees and with well-trained election observers. Between former SBE Director Kim Strach, the current Director Karen Bell, and lawfare warriors like Marc Elias, the rights of election observers are under attack; but the easiest way to rig an election is by controlling who has authority at each precinct.

And that’s exactly what’s going on right now in certain North Carolina counties.

This partisan election rigging is happening at a level that 99.99% of the population never even imagined, so be forewarned that it’s a complicated subject. If you’re a graduate from a Voter Integrity Bootcamp, you know where we’re at on Pippa Norris’ electoral cycle. For the rest of you, just look at the diagram. The “EBMs” are Electoral Management Boards and election officials all across the nation are fighting in this area right this minute.

For more details, plan to attend an upcoming Voter Integrity Bootcamp or click this image.

Yesterday’s episode reported how Republican, Wayne Schaeffer, the Bladen County Party Chairman, exposed the Democrats’ precinct packing scheme and how the CBE Chair abruptly adjourned the meeting to avoid letting him publicize his complaint.

Now, it’s time we publicly called it what we (Voter Integrity Project) have suspected for the past ten years: Chairman Schaeffer exposed a low-intensity conflict (i.e. war) being waged at CBE meetings and we paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz on this point:

Clausewitz, a general of historical renown, said, “War is a continuation of politics by other means.”

Yes, we at VIP engage in this type of “ballot warfare” because, besides another Great Awakening, it’s the last option we have in avoiding the bullet type of warfare that rips nations apart and kills millions of people.

That said, we have to unpack a dreadful quote by a brilliant economist, the late Thomas Sowell.

After completing his book, Inside American Education, he noted that the people running our education system were “at war” with the parents of their students. Thus, he wrote, “the only thing worse than being at war is being at war and not knowing it.”

And Sowell’s war axiom applies to the “war by other means,” we are witnessing at the CBE level right now. The podcast explains how the game has been played against Republicans in order to freeze out of a Precinct Judge position in the Precincts where they want to facilitate cheating.

The key to understanding this complex subject is how many out-of-precinct (or “non-native”) election Judges allowed under state law. Specifically, this portion of NCGS §163-41(c), which says, “In no instance shall the county board appoint nonresidents of the precinct to a majority of the three positions of chief judge and judge in a precinct.”

Democrats have been abusing this law by appointing one of their Judges from outside their heaviest Democrat precincts. Why those particular precincts are selected is because Republicans have a very difficult time recruiting Precinct Judges who live in predominately black neighborhoods.

Then, when frustrated Republican leaders nominate a Judge from outside the precinct, Democrats deny their nominations, by pointing to the law against having a majority of non-native Judges. Yes, the majority party could have easily appointed somebody from that local area, but they packed a non-resident Judge in there so they could deny Republicans from having any Judges at all in those select precincts.

We close today’s episode with three action steps:

  1. Continue to push for a full forensic audit of the 2020 elections. We’re getting reports that lawmakers’ latest excuse to avoid work that “we’re not hearing from enough constituents on this matter.” If you want elections you can trust, then maybe you should call them again. While you’re at it, you might ask your entire Sunday School class to call them and demand they reassert their constitutional authority over how our elections are administered.
  2. Start attending your local County Board of Elections meetings and record them. The rules being rigged at these meetings are the reason your local School Board members feel impervious to any parental complaints. You can yell and scream at them all you want, but unless you deny their ability to win rigged elections, they don’t care what you say.
  3. Step outside your comfort zone by taking the above actions. If you don’t willingly do uncomfortable actions–now–to save our republic, the day will come when others will make you very uncomfortable. Or. . .  to close with a quote from our very own Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, “either you do politics, or politics will do you.”