Welcoming Soros Into NC Elections: The Bad (2/4)

[Note: The first part of this 3-part series highlighted some of the good features to NC’s Senate Bill 749, “No Partisan Advantage in Elections (SB 749).” You may view Part 1 by clicking here. After it is posted, you may view Part 3 by clicking here. Today’s post, part 2, deals with some of the dangers that could result if this reform is not amended.]

The biggest challenge of this reform involves how much power we’re handing over to the Secretary of State.

To fully appreciate the danger of this arrangement–if not tweaked–we need to jump into our time machine and dial in December of 2000.

The Washington Post still talks hates Florida’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Why? Because when she followed the law and certified her state’s 2000 elections, it killed Al Gore’s efforts to recount until they “found” enough extra ballots to steal the Presidency. Perhaps amazed at Harris’ unrealized power, creepy Billionaire, George Soros, launched a program, called “the Secretary of State Project,” to target those races in order to gain control of the electoral process. You can access a great expose on the SOS project linked here.

Note: This photo comes from a well-regarded biography on Soros called “The Man Behind the Curtain” by Matt Palumbo. Click the image to learn about Matt’s book.

As we’ve reported numerous times, the current North Carolina SBE leadership is relentless in finding new ways to subvert elections. Most of their tricks are so sneaky that nobody notices until long after the canvass and certification. Even last Thursday’s fight over a the “Reasonable Impediment Affidavit” was just the latest example.

In this area of government, we’re caught up in sot of a cold war with the NCSBE and their allies, Democracy NC, Demos, WRAL, and countless other well-funded C-3 nonprofits. On the other side are a handful of grassroots nonpartisan watchdog groups like NC Audit Force, Transparent Elections NC, the NC Election Integrity Team, and Voter Integrity Project-NC. All of the good guys have uncovered SBE cesspools in their lanes and this article cannot begin to cover them all, and I digress.

Back to Florida… the Left was super annoyed by the way their plans were crushed by the law and Soros’ SOS Project targeted certain states to install co-conspirators who would subvert the law if they had been in Katherine Harris’ place. Soros did not target NC because the Governor controls the electoral process.

While we agree the Governor has too much power in this area, we do not agree on how much of that power still goes under the control of one elected official. And if you doubt the power of one SOS, remember Arizona’s rogue elections of 2020 and 2024, and the poster child, proving that neither party is perfect, who can forget Georgia’s “Republican” SOS Brad Raffensperger?

Bottom line to this is that without more division of electoral oversight power, NC will become a juicer target for the woke billionaires like George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. While Republican voters often lose interest in the ballot after the top few races, targeted advertising by Leftist groups will turn North Carolina into the next California, Colorado, Minnesota, and now Arizona.