Whip Comes Down in NC

Robert J. Higdon (USDOJ Photo)

Sep 5, 2018 (Raleigh) – Today’s subpoenas for election records in 44 NC counties, issued by Robert J. Higdon , the US Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, signal a change in leadership at the US Department of Justice, according to Voter Integrity Project Director, Jay DeLancy.

“We’ve scratched and clawed our way into that agency for the past five years,” he said, “so I can’t begin to say how rewarding it feels to finally see them take action.”

According to a petition page, hosted by a national organization called Election Integrity Alliance, North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project referred evidence to the DOJ in 2014, involving interstate double voting cases relating to Florida and NC.

“The problem with voter fraud is that it isn’t a crime unless somebody prosecutes it,” he said, “and this problem could be traced back to an Obama appointee, named Richard C. Pilger.”

The EIA launched a petition page seeking Pilger’s removal from his position at United States Department of Justice as the Election Crimes Branch Director of the Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division, since 2008.

“We had not yet finished gathering the petitions before we received an encouraging email message from a DC insider,” DeLancy said. “It was a cryptic suggestion that our petitions were having an effect and that things were starting to move.”

Today’s subpoena’s demanded five years of records from 44 county election boards. Additionally, Higdon’s office subpoenaed the NC State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement, seeking “all voter registration applications” dating back to 2010, according to a WRAL report.

“We haven’t seen the State Board’s subpoena yet,” DeLancy said, “but they asked for exactly what they would need to find out why the unions and NAACP are fighting so hard to stop voter ID in North Carolina.”