Who is Jens Lutz?

[Note: This is a companion to a shorter report on the recorded phone call mentioned toward the bottom of this story.]

June 26, 2019 (Raleigh) In our ongoing investigation into who was truly pulling the strings in the recent State Board of Elections “investigation” of elected Congressman Mark Harris and Bladen County GOTV specialist, McCrae Dowless, we keep hearing about a Democrat operative named Jens L. Lutz.

There are still dozens of unanswered questions about the strange “quasi-judicial” proceeding that resembled more of a kangaroo court than a probable cause hearing, but the result was undeniable: Dan McCready, a 905-vote loser in NC’s 9th Congressional District managed to get a do-over election.

Activists in the 9th Congressional District are either crediting (or blaming?) Lutz for engineering that historical turn of events. So, we wanted to take a closer look.

Lutz and Dowless had opposed each other during a 2010 Bladen County Sheriff election. Dowless tells people that Lutz tried to run him over with his motorcycle one day during that campaign, but nobody filed a police report.

In April 2018, Gov Roy Cooper appointed Lutz to the Bladen County BOE. This was despite Lutz’ 1990 conviction in Moore County for impersonating a peace officer (case number 1990 CR 004959).

Also in April, Lutz, the newly appointed Board member, reportedly began strutting around, telling political players that he was going to “get Dowless this year.”

In May 2018, North Carolina held primaries, but not before the Bladen County Improvement Association “was tipped off” that McCrae Dowless was being investigated. The BCIA is a local democrat election machine, founded in 1979. Their President, Horace Munn, reportedly told SBOE investigators that “his organization would not take part in an absentee ballot program that year.”

[Note: It was later revealed that three members of his group turned in 458 ballot applications to their county’s election offices, two BCIA members witnessed “more than 100 ballots,” and later evidence suggested that Munn himself had agreed to collect at least one ballot.]

Whether or not Lutz had tipped off Munn about Dowless being targeted, by June, Lutz had been promoted to the vice-chairmanship of the Bladen County BOE.

On October 14 – Lutz posted a message on his (now deleted) Facebook page, soliciting incident reports from Bladen voters.

There have been recent concerns over absentee ballots being collected from individuals and I wanted to set a few things straight. Neither the board of elections nor any of it’s employees collect absentee ballots in the field. They must either be delivered by the voter themselves or a near relative, in person or by mail. Furthermore; all absentee ballot envelopes must be sealed, have two witnesses or be notarized in the voters presence. Finally; if your ballot has been collected by anyone other than a family member, I encourage you to call our office (910)862-6951 and inquire as to the receipt of said ballot.

How would a BOE vice-chair know of an ongoing law enforcement investigation in his county? At any rate, the following January, the Bladen County BOE admitted in by email that no complaints were ever reported to their offices.

Nov 6-  (Election Day), Republican voter, Lee Ann Herring, turns her absentee ballot into Bladen County BOE headquarters and finds Lutz, sitting behind the counter. (See Jan 17th entry).

Nov 7 – Dowless’ client, Mark Harris, declared winner of Congressional election.

Dec 3 – WSOC-TV reporter, Joe Bruno, reports receiving 159 “leaked” photocopies of signed absentee ballot envelopes from Bladen County.

All of the envelopes were witnessed by Dowless’ associates. None of the “more than 100” absentee ballots witnessed by Democrat ballot harvesting organization, Bladen County Improvement Association, were “leaked” to Bruno. Woody Hester witnessed 44 ballots, which was the most for any single individual.

December 4 – Possibly to cover the blunder of whoever leaked the documents, the SBOE suddenly releases all of the photocopied signed absentee ballot envelopes from Bladen County.

December 5 – NC Board of Elections Director Kim Strach and Chief of Investigations, Joan Fleming reportedly interview Jens Lutz in Bladen County.

December 7 – Lutz suddenly. Lutz resigns. According to WBTV’s Nic Ochsner, “Lutz, a Democrat, was among the first to share details of absentee ballots cast in the 2018 election.”

December/January – Lutz allegedly lays low for a while. County politicos say his Facebook page showed him either in New Mexico or Arizona, but no screenshots have emerged from his (now deleted) Facebook page. Lutz gets listed as a possible witness for the Democrat legal team.

January 17 – NC SBOE Investigators, David Richards, and Thomas Harrelson visit the residence and business of Bladenboro Mayor, Rufus Duckworth because Woody Hester had witnessed both Mayor and Mrs. Duckworth’s ballots. Duckworth complains on Facebook about their visit and says the next time en election investigator steps on his property and bothers his wife (who was receiving chemotherapy at the time), they are going to leave “in a meat locker.”

Jan 17, 2019. Nick Ochsner blockbuster story shows Lee Ann Herring’s ballot was not counted by Bladen election officials. “Nor [was] she listed as having voted in the 2018 general election in the online voter database maintained by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.”

Jan 18, 2019. State BOE mysteriously “found” the ballot belonging to Republican Lee Ann Herring, “but none of three databases that track returned absentee ballots maintained by the county and state boards of elections showed her ballot had been officially received.” Harris’ 905-vote victory margin remains unchanged.

Early February – Jenz Lutz taunts Duckworth, “I saved your ass” and claimed that Joan Fleming sent him. Not believing Lutz, Duckworth calls Joan Fleming to confirm her involvement with Lutz. He recorded the call. (See video, below.)

February 18 – First day of Mark Harris’ show trials. All witnesses are corralled into one room, upstairs. Lutz is sequestered in a separate room, downstairs and he is not alone. He never testifies.

February 21 – Congressman-elect misstates certain facts and is caught in a perjury trap. After a delayed return from lunch, Harris reads a statement, asking to be excused from further proceedings and calls for a new election.

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