Why the Pence Commission Failed and How the Left Blew It

Happy New Year! You’re Fired!

That’s the long and short of Vice-President Pence’s Election Integrity Commission.

The so-called “Progressive” side of our nation immediately spiked the football to celebrate how their lawfare euthanized the already doomed election integrity commission. The Left’s standard tactic–to destroy anybody who challenges their vote fraud denials–seems to have worked again… or not.

Why the Election Integrity Commission Failed

The Commission’s failure was certain after Democrats challenged the limitations of the Commission’s power. It was over when the Commission “requested” personally identifying information (PII) from all 50 states and “at least 27 states” gave them the middle finger.

The Left knows that PII is the key to exposing massive vote fraud, so they blocked the Commission’s access. Without such information, it’s very hard to arrest anybody for voting twice.

While our organization proved that voters voting in two (or more) states, we do not have subpoena power. All we could do was prove the vulnerability…which we did…and we even sent a man to jail for vote fraud! 

But sadly, the Pence-Kobach Commission lacked both subpoena authority and prosecutoral authority. This made their entire effort nothing more than window dressing that could have taken the issue off the table. All they had to do was admit only “a minimal amount” of vote fraud and then pat themselves on the back. Since they lacked the tools to “see” the evidence, that was their foregone conclusion. Whew!

As our Virginia counterpart, Reagan George once predicted to a well-connected (and very peeved) DC salon audience, “the Commission will wind up publishing a 3,000-page book that nobody will read.” (Note: Stating this unpleasant truth helped uninvite Reagan and me from subsequent salons, but oh darn!)

How the Left Blew It this Time

Honest elections are supposed to be above partisanship, but for some reason, the Democrats disagree. Consider Co-Chairman Kris Kobach’s brilliant observation:

The Democrats, both on and off the commission, made very clear that they were not interested in determining the scope and extent of voter fraud and, indeed, they were trying to stop the commission in its tracks,” Kobach said. “The Democrats lost their opportunity, lost their seat at the table, by stonewalling.”

Next, the terse White House’s statement on the decision to kill the Commission spells doom for vote fraud deniers. In part, it said that President Trump…

…has asked the Department of Homeland Security to review its initial findings and determine next courses of action” 

Well! Lookie loo! Guess who DOES have subpoena authority? And guess who has the very best data base on the planet when it comes to US citizenship?!

America’s investigation into vote fraud just shifted gears. What once was polite conversations among genteel politicians has now become a weaponized vote fraud investigation. Unless the Left managed to embed some deep-state types within DHS (as they have at DOJ), they may have won the battle but lost the war.

The bottom line: None of these investigations will matter unless our weak-kneed DC politicians hear voter demands for the DHS to investigate and for the DOJ to prosecute vote fraud.

Now Go!

~ jd