Why there is no vote fraud in NC. . .

(Raleigh, NC)—AUG 18, 2013—After finally discovering the identities of the five persons who voted twice in the November 2012 election, the Voter Integrity Project of NC is ready to announce more stunning news: We can now reveal why there is no vote fraud in North Carolina.

But first, I need to refresh the public memory on this story. . . .

In February, 2013, we completed our research as best we could (at the time) to conclude that up to 33 people who maintained dual residences in both Florida and North Carolina had voted in both states during the November 2012 election. We then forwarded the information to election officials in both states and asked them to investigate.

Don Wright, Chief Counsel to the State Board of Elections, inspired our news announcement on March 20, 2013 when he confirmed that five of our alleged double voters “[were] continuing to be criminally investigated with preparations to refer them to the appropriate District Attorney.” The story garnered coverage from John Fund at the highly regarded National Review Online and on Fox News; but perhaps because this upsetting story happened in the middle of the Legislature’s debate over voter ID, local media ignored the story.

The one exception to this news black-out was a minor amount of interest shown by WNCT-9 news producer, Jenny Moore. She asked us for the names of our “Fab Five,” but Counselor Wright denied our query in a stern reply, “As with all criminal investigations, generally the identification of persons under criminal investigation in all cases is confidential until the suspect is arrested or indicted. The present cases are referrals of criminal cases and it will be up to the District Attorneys involved to release such information they set fit.” [sic]

Sadly, our four-term Attorney General, Roy Cooper,  has shown little interest in [investigating or making referrals for] prosecuting SBoE cases of election fraud, even though the BoE has offered up hundreds of cases. So we decided to dig deeper while we hoped Cooper would do his job . . . and we struck gold!

We finally discovered that five people we submitted had names and dates of birth that were perfect matches between the Florida and NC voter histories! Without revealing any names, some details about their cases—and the NC counties from which they voted—merit elaboration.

The Wayne County Perp is the toughest case of all because of his age. He is a 91-year-old man, living in both Port Richey, Florida and Goldsboro, NC. It could be a case of identity theft. Either than or a man with the same name and date of birth has a stunning history of double voting in both states. His civic practice in Florida shows participation in every November election since 2002; but this registered Unaffiliated voter either stole an extra vote in NC during the 2008, 2010 and 2012 general elections or an identity thief has been doing the crime.  Whether a man this old should go to jail is up to the Wayne County DA, but we would at least ask that somebody to investigate and prevent him (or somebody else) from stealing votes!

Our Wake County Perp votes from [Holly Springs and from] Jacksonville, FL and has cast Florida ballots since 2004. In 2008, he appears to have voted absentee in NC; but did not vote that time in Florida. Perhaps the temptation was too much for this registered Democrat, in 2012, the evidence suggests that he voted in both states.

A Mecklenburg Democrat appears to have voted regularly in Florida since 2010, but cast an absentee ballot in our state last November; and a Moore County Unaffiliated showed a similar one-time offense in 2012, but voted regularly in Florida since 2002.

While all four of the above suspects deserve a thorough investigation, a Lake Lure, NC voter wins our nomination for naming rights at a state prison near him. He lists only a post office box as his Florida address, but showed great patriotism by voting in every November race since 2002. Then, he started taking a second shot at civic pride by voting absentee in NC for the 2008, 2010 and 2012 general elections.

There must have been something on the May 2012 election that inspired this glittering jewel, because he visited our state to vote in that year’s primary election. While listed on the voter history as Unaffiliated, he pulled a Republican ballot for the May primary.

As if all of that were not enough, he then appears to have started covering his tracks. Sometime after the November 2012 election, he personally requested that his name be removed from the North Carolina voter rolls, but our database analysis has confirmed his past civic exuberance. It may be that someone was stealing his identity and voting for him; but the signature cards subpoenaed by the State Board of Elections must suggest otherwise. Why else would they refer the case over for prosecution?

All of these names were supposedly forwarded to the five counties’ DA offices by Don Wright before the Republicans took control of the SBoE. To review, the five District Attorneys whom we believe are sitting on these cases are from the following counties: Wayne, Wake, Mecklenburg, Moore and Rutherford.

Seeing that so little else has happened since then . . . it finally hit us: If there are no prosecutions, then the public never learns about the fraud and just like the proverbial tree that falls in the middle of the woods, it never makes a noise. In other words, the reason there is no vote fraud in North Carolina all depends on the meaning of the word, “is.”


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