WRAL Kicks Off the New Propaganda Season for SBE

July 31, 2022 (Raleigh Mini Mordor) WRAL’s fearmongering headline (Threats, intimidation and legal action. Skeptics strain NC election workers.) set the tone for the first wave of propaganda we can expect from North Carolina State Board of Election (NC SBE) Executive Director Karen Bell’s agency and their conflicted SBE Chairman, Damon Circosta, but their sideways attack on yours truly was a new low, even for WRAL.

But first, a personal note to the author, Paul Specht: Your article was worthy of the New York Times. And I mean that in the worst possible way. Because you covered the topic while smearing the right people (me among them) and not even bothering to get their side of the response, your yellow journalism makes you more than ready for the Old Gray Lady, bro. Go for it!

Now… on to unscrewing your twisted reporting… It came very close to lies of commission, lies of omission, editorializing in a news story, and possibly an error in-facts. If had to grade your story, I’d give you a D with a possible do-over to a Tar Heel C.

Trust me, Paul. I have a masters degree… in journalism!

Lies of commission?

The WRAL “journalist” insinuated that over the past three years, 43 of NC.s 100 county-level Directors of Election have either resigned or retired because of increased citizen activism, which is totally a lie.

While it is true that 43 Directors either retired or resigned, blaming the stress. It’s also true that the job really is stressful! Having one boss is bad enough, but imagine having five, with the three hating and back stabbing the other two.

Perhaps it bothers Woke County’s Devious Director Sims that the registered Democrat Lynn Berstein, leader of Transparent Elections NC, really is a rocket scientist!

It’s also true that concerned citizens on both the left and the right have grown weary of the hubris and secrecy of nice men with with guns and badges who take our ballots, declare the winner, and then threaten to arrest anybody who questions their process.

But we ask, how in the world did the “journalists” at WRAL miss it when Woke County’s devious director of elections, Gary Sims, had Democrat election watchdog activist, Lynn Bernstein of Transparent Election – NC, “barred for life” from doing what any other human being in North Carolina is allowed to do by law?

NCGS §163-182.2(a)(3) says in part: “Any member of the public wishing to witness the vote count at any level shall be allowed to do so,” but Sims decided Bernstein was simply too big a threat to the democratic process.

To make WRAL’s conflicted “journalism” even more odious, they failed to tell the public when Bernstein filed a civil lawsuit against the devious Sims, in both his individual and official capacities.

Among the myriad complaints listed in the detailed filing, “Sims, is staunchly opposed to election night observation even though at least thirty other counties in North Carolina permit such observation and some county boards acknowledge that witnessing the vote count at both the precinct and county level is required by North Carolina law.”

Normally a county elections director as shady as Sims would be a shoe-in to be picked by a Democrat Governor to run NC’s election. This is especially true if they get away with brazenly breaking numerous laws involving public oversight of elections. Maybe Sims’ destructive habit of attracting lawsuits will scratch him off the list.

Lies of Omission?

Besides WRAL totally ignoring Bernstein’s lawsuit, they also are failing to self-report their conflict of interest in reporting anything about NC’s State Board of Elections.

Damon Circosta “ties” WRAL to NCSBE

WRAL failing to report the major lawsuit filed by Tyler Brooks is Exhibit A of their conflict of interest in reporting election-law stories.

The inconvenient truth is that Damon Circosta the Executive Director of the AJ Fletcher Foundation is also the Chairman of NC State Board of Elections. In a just world, he would resign one or the other, but at the very least, WRAL should mention this conflict in any story they write about matters that could come before Circosta’s governing body.

And oh by the way, the Leftist Circosta serves as another living proof that O’Sullivan’s Law, is true. British genius, John O’Sullivan, noted that “any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.”

If you don’t believe me, consider the difference between K-Mart and Chick-fil-a. Both were formed by ardent Christian businessmen, but one of them started opening on Sundays, selling alcohol every day, and buying a bookstore chain that (at the time) was the nations leading distributor of pornography. The other business still stays closed on Sundays and has the highest earnings-per-store in the entire industry. But I digress.

AJ Fletcher was a rock-ribbed conservative who gave Jesse Helms around five minutes each night to present the stations editorial opinion on the news. That was long before Jesse became a US Senator, but when Fletcher died, his heirs turned WRAL into a leftist house organ. and Fletcher’s foundation is as “woke” as another O’Sullivan proof, the Z. Smith Reynolds foundation.

Editorializing in a News Story?

In their first-ever story about yours truly, WRAL editorialized, my Alinsky move as a “temper tantrum” after I hastily withdrew from a Wake CBE kangaroo-court proceeding over more than 500 voters we challenged, who had magically evaded jury duty by convincing (then) Wake Clerk of Courts Lorrin Freeman that they were not US citizens.

Freeman tesstified under oath that they “proved” their illegal alien status to the courts, but the highly politicized election board rejected her testimony and went with hearsay evidence to reject the challenges.

WRAL’s coverage of the story, orchestrated by left-wing elections activist, Bob Hall, who scolded us, claiming that we were wrong and had “wasted taxpayer money” with our challenges. Somehow, WRAL failed to note how those very same proceedings eventually forced the Woke Board of Elections into removing 11 of our non-citizen voters and refering them to ICE for criminal prosecution. Either we were wrong or the elections board erred in making the criminal referrals. Why don’t you decide?

The WRAL “journalist” laughably said we were “tied to” NC Audit Force. While it’s true that we have praised some of the Audit Force’s actions, we’ve also chastised their ill-advised canvassing methods. If such legitimate reporting “ties” us to them, then we’re REALLY tied to the rogue NC State Board of Elections, Attorney General Josh Stein, and the gutless leadership, over at the NC Legislature!

Error in Fact?

The WRAL “journalist’s” most comical spin came in his part about our discovery of modems in NC’s most widely used election tabulating machine, the DS 200, made by a highly secretive company called Electronic Systems and Software (ES&S).

Other than Director Karen’s denial-non-denial of our claim, they’ve still refused to allow spinless “Republican” lawmakers to investigate and learn the veracity of Karen’s dodge, verses our documented FACT that the DS 200 motherboard contains a modem chip.

Director Karen got away with this ruse by telling Rep. George Cleveland “in North Carolina, there is not a single modem of any type in any DS200 tabulator, according to ES&S.” According to ES&S? We sought clarification on whether or not Director Karen would repeat that claim without quoting the multi-million dollar vendor’s attribution… but then she could be fired for lying to a legislator.

We love Cleveland, but we’re still puzzled as to why Cleveland let her get away with that trick.

Oh wait. Does that last sentence “tie” us to Rep Cleveland too? Oh, nevermind.

In Closing

The real reason 43 county election directors quit is probably the same reason hundreds of Assistant District Attorneys are quitting in Soros-controlled cities like Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, etc. Sick of defending their lawless bosses, those career prosecutors simply quit.

Some of the most honest and sincere Directors of Elections we’ve known in the past 12 years have retired this past few years, but they’re too political to let me quote any of their frustrations over Director Karen’s lawlessness behavior after a federal judge chastised her efforts to subvert the witness requirement on absentee ballot envelopes.

Or how about Director Karen’s 2020 sneak attack on poll observers? They created a stealth ruling that slipped past the NCGOP’s attorneys as it allowed only two poll observers to work all day at a precinct on Election Day, with no substitutions after four hours. If they left, nobody was allowed to fill in for them and this was a flat-out violation of state law.

Rather than push back against their tyrannical boss, it’s no wonder that 43 well-paid simply quit!

So WRAL blames the resignations on people like us, who are demanding accountability when the shameless legislature refuses to exercise their oversight authority.

In one final example, the WRAL “journalist” seemed dismayed of the election deniers, since the state’s election officials didn’t get away with enough cheating to take away President Trump’s NC victory or the gains in both NC’s House and Senate.

Like our legislature, the TV station cannot comprehend that the millions of unaffiliated voters in NC, along with an unknown number of Democrats and Republican, expect election officials to be as nonpartisan as possible.

Out of such concerns, one Buncombe County citizen made a public information request for all of the absentee ballot envelopes, so s/he could review the signatures. Since the rogue SBE Director Karen twice ordered county election boards to turn a blind eye to any signature mismatches, we still don’t know how many counterfeit absentee ballots were stuffed into the system in 2020.

If the Legislature’s leadership cared one wit about the eroding public trust in in our electoral process, they would exert legislative privilege, secure all of those envelopes before their September 3, 2022 date of destruction, rent a signature verification machine from Arizona, and find out how many of the signatures fail the idiot test.

But what am I thinking??!

That would take courage.