Monthly Archive: April 2019

Election Observer Bill of Rights Passes First Hurdle

Apr 25, 2019 (Raleigh) Earlier today, the NC House Committee on Elections and Ethics Law passed a bill that would roll back restrictions placed on observers by out-of-control election officials, House Bill 369, by a 9-8 voice vote today, sending it back to the Rules Committee and a possible second reading on the House Floor. …

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Election-Rigging Bill to Get First Reading Today

April 10, 2019–Raleigh–House Bill 648, called the “NC FAIR State & Congressional Districts Act,” faces first reading today and, if enacted into law, would shift the Legislature’s redistricting duties over to unelected, unaccountable officials and even a court-appointed “Special Master,” according to a recent Voter Integrity Project tweet.  The group cautions against such legislation, citing the lessons …

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